The mission of Tabletop Moviemaking is to honor the articulate mind and creative spirit present in every person through digital storytelling and the writing process. 

The 5 Verbs
The Tabletop moviemaking process can be defined by 5 verbs that represent the an act of creation in some way.

Writing, reading and oral language skills are developed throughout the Tabletop Moviemaking process as you edit, revise and perform their stories and scripts.

Visual, spatial and tactile learners excel when it comes time to cut, paste, paint, sketch, glue, tear, rip, and tape their Tabletop worlds together.  This is an old-school approach using some very new school technology.

Shoot & Edit​
Tabletop Moviemaking is a project-based approach to teaching digital video editing and moviemaking that invites you to roll up your sleeves and learn by doing.

All this creativity gets packed into a short movie and the best part is sharing your masterpiece.  Dim the lights and have the popcorn ready.  Or grab a link and share your hard work with someone across the room or across the world.