LACMA College Night 2013

Every year LACMA does something pretty cool.  Well they actually do lots of cool things all the time, but I am talking specifically about their College Night program where they open up the museum to college students all across LA for an evening where they can access exhibitions and participate in cool interactive art workshops.  Like Tabletop Moviemaking!  

The structure for this workshop was slightly different for several reasons.  We wanted it to be informal where people could drop-in, make a movie and then check out more of LACMA.  To speed things up, all the backgrounds, characters and props were laser perforated so they could easily pop them out and stage it in minutes.  The other major difference was that we invited people to use the smart phones they had with them to make a movie.  This way they could leave the workshop with their story on their phone!

We had 8 Tabletop Moviemaking Studios set up complete with lights and all the markers and crayons they might need.  This was about as organized as it ever looked.  Creativity is necessarily chaotic and messy.  There was a lot creativity in that room, so it got pretty messy.  For good reason though.

As they casually walked into the NexGen Boone Children's Gallery, their Tabletop Moviemaking adventure began by picking up their creative materials: settings, characters and props.  This was kind of like a storytelling buffet.

Then, they got to work staging stories and filming their movies.  

This group made great use of signs to add another layer of visual information

There are some very interesting staging decisions that went into this scene.  Perhaps this group was inspired by the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA .

Finally this group went meta, by staging a story about a gallery, inside a gallery.  Woah...

It was kind of amazing to see just how quickly the students would stage a story, and how different each set was even though they were starting from a common set of materials.  I think this is an excellent demonstration of how we all have a unique perspective and given an opportunity will showcase it through the stories we tell.