Tabletop Moviemaking at the Hammer Museum

 The Hammer Museum has a fantastic space for workshops centered on art experiences for kids.  I delivered this workshop in collaboration with 826LA who have been a long-term partner in many Tabletop workshops over the years.  We had about 25 kids show for a 2 hour moviemaking workshop where they worked in small groups to create a short 1-2 minute Tabletop movie using iPads with iMovie installed.  The 5 main verbs of the Tabletop Moviemaking process were in play as participants wrote scripts, built sets, shot scenes, edited their movies and shared them with the whole group.  These two hour workshops are super fun because I get to see all these interesting stories emerge out of thin air.  The main challenge is trying to pack all that creativity into a 2-hour time slot, but we did a pretty good job staying within the time limits!