Young Storytellers Foundation and Culver City Middle School

We had a great screening for participating students at the Sony lot in Culver City in a real movie theater! Thanks Sony!  The project was delivered in collaboration with Young Storytellers Foundation (YSF) and Culver City Middle School.  In total 12 movies were produced and screened, one for each participant.  YSF took students through the script writing process over the course of 7 weeks, and they had 4 weeks to transform scripts into movies using iPads and Tabletop Moviemaking kits.


The overview video of the program shows the beginning of what would become the Tabletop Moviemaking Studio.  At this stage I knew that iPads were a powerful tool to promote video making in the classroom, but I was still figuring out the best way to have the device interact with the Tabletop sets.  It certainly passed through many more design iterations before I arrived at the Tabletop Studio.  But I learned a lot from this workshop and this early version was solving an challenge in that the iPad camera sits high up in the corner so the settings needed to be raised.  Also, holding an iPad in a stable place was achieved by this very sturdily built stand affectionately referred to as the "Monkey Mount".