Triptych workshop at 826 Seattle

826 Seattle played host to another excellent Tabletop Moviemaking workshop several weeks ago.  We were able to change things up a bit for this workshop and extend it by a full hour.  We were able to expand on the building component and students created these amazing 3 panel triptych collage backgrounds.  

Each group started with the same set of square laser cut panels which had a varying combinations of doors and windows.  Then they had access to a massive table full of textures and patterns.  To be honest I was a little overwhelmed by the choice and I created it! But students weren't phased, and once they had a story in place the sets started to emerge fairly quickly.  In some cases it seemed that the story was emerging as the sets were being built.  

The extra hour was gold dust and gave us just enough time to shoot, edit and share their movies.  The parents stopped by and we finished with a screening to show off all the hard work.  

The laser cut triptych panels have been piloted and tested in other contexts, but 3 hours was the shortest amount of time to pack it all in.  It was a frenetic day of creative storytelling that 826 Seattle was kind enough to host and organize.  I look forward to the next iteration of Tabletop Moviemaking at 826 Seattle.