LACMA Art + Film Institute Summer 2013

LACMA is a great museum.  I work with many organizations to deliver workshops and the best ones worry about the details.  This was certainly true of LACMA as planning meetings for this 3 day institute began many months in advance. From early brainstorming sessions to a complete run through of the method, the details were ironed out to ensure a great workshop experience for the teachers.  

All of this attention detail helped to create a unique 3 day teacher training experience called the Art + Film Institute at LACMA.  This summer workshop targeted elementary and middle school teachers. I had delivered several single session two hour workshops at LACMA previously that were centered on the Tabletop Moviemaking Studio.   The Tabletop Studio is great for fast, out of the box moviemaking.  You're able to stage and shoot a movie in minutes.  

We wanted to try out a new design that would give participants an opportunity build sets from scratch.  We settled on a 3 panel triptych model using cardboard as the base material. With the 3 days Art + Film Institute we had more time so we wanted to have a longer experience with building up a set using three panels and a collage technique.

Teachers in small groups were invited to selected one art piece from the permanent collection as the inspiration of the story for their movie.    They deconstructed the artwork and then reimagined it in the form a short Tabletop movie shot with iPad mini and the 3 panel sets.


An overarching goal of the three days was to share digital storytelling techniques that could be used in the classroom at scale.  Access to technology would be a major consideration, but the use of cardboard as the primary material helped to keep the costs down.  

Overall it was a fantastic 3 days.  The team at LACMA are an impressive group of professionals that made the delivery of a complex 3 days very smooth. 

Here is a video that was created by a group of teachers.  They used David Hockney's "Mulholland Drive: The Road to the Studio" as the artwork that inspired the video.