826 Seattle Workshop

I recently had the opportunity to deliver a two-hour Tabletop Moviemaking workshop at 826 Seattle in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle.  I have worked with other 826 chapters across the country and I have always been impressed with the level of organization they bring to any workshop.  Seattle was no different. 

Our goal with the workshop was to place student's at the center of the writing process and integrate iPads to help them bring the script to life.  A bulk of the creativity happens outside the iPad. The device is just a digital window to frame the action and capture it.  Later we use iMovie to sequence the shots, add transitions, music and titles and credits.  

We decided to standardize some of the cast of characters and let small groups of students determine the setting for the story.  The team of volunteers from 826 Seattle led students through the 5 main verbs of the Tabletop workshop Write, Build, Shoot, Edit and Share. In two hours we were able lead about 20 students through this process which culminated in a movie and a screening. I was very impressed with the students who attended the workshop.  After a brief introduction of the day, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work. 

 Below are the movies the students made in in the workshop.


Fooled Again

Ultimate Story

Random Squirrel