Export a movie in Windows Live Moviemaker

 Difference between a project file and a finished movie file. 

A project file is the container file used by Window Live Movie Maker for all the editing. This file has the extension “.WLMP”. Double clicking on this file will launch the Windows Live Movie Maker program. An exported movie has the extension “.WMV” this file is exported movie, and double clicking on it will launch a number of different media player programs such as Windows Media Player or VLC.

Sharing finished movies inside Windows Live Movie Maker:

    1. “Youtube” this option will send the finished video directly to a predefine Youtube user account.  The user will be prompted to enter a valid Youtube username and password.  The computer must have an internet connection in order to do this.
    2. “HD 1080″ this will export the finished movie to a local folder on the computer.  This is the largest screen resolution option for exporting a movie.
    3. “DVD”  this will export the finished movie to a local folder on the computer, once this tasks finishes  ”Windows DVD Maker” will launch which is a new program for authoring DVDs.
    4. “HD 720″ this will export the finished movie to a local folder on the computer.  This is also considered HD with a slightly smaller resolution.

Adding titles and credits in Windows Live Moviemaker

There are three options for adding text to movies using Windows Live Movie Maker. Each text option has its own set of animations to control how the text appears on the screen. You can see a preview of this animation by hovering your mouse over different options

  1. “Titles” are bits of text that appear at the beginning of the movie.
  2. “Captions” are text that appear over a particular video clip.
  3. “Credits” are bits of text that appear at the end of the movie.

Adding transitions in Windows Live Moviemaker

Transitions are short animations used to transition from one clip to the next, or at the beginning and ending of a movie. Note: The available transitions for the first clip in a movie are limited.

  1. Select a clip you wish to add a transition to.
  2. Click on the “Animations” tab across the top
  3. Mouse over the different options to see a preview of the transitions
  4. “Duration” allows you to set how long the transition will last.  Longer time equals a slower transition

Adding effects in Windows Live Movie Maker

Effects, also known as filters, change the look of a clip. Windows Live Movie Maker offers many different looks, and multiple filters can be used on one clip to achieve many many combinations of effects.

  1. Select a clip and click on the “Visual Effects” tab across the top.
  2. The default option is no effect which is the first option as indicated by a orange outline.
  3. Mouse over the different effects to get a preview of the look on the clip.
  4. Left click on the effect to select it.

Adding Multiple Effects

  1. To add multiple effects select a clip the click on the drop down menu in the lower right corner of the Visual Effects tab
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this window and select “Add Multiple Effects”
  3. A new window will appear with a list of available effects on the left.
  4. Select an effect and choose “Add”.  It will appear in a window on the right side of the clip
  5. Repeat this step to add multiple effects

Splitting a clip using Windows Live Moviemaker

Cutting footage from a clip is a really helpful task when there unwanted footage in the middle of a good clip.  This involves cutting the clip before and after the bad footage to remove it.  Using the split clip function is another way to set in and out points as well.

  1. Select a clip you want to cut
  2. Position the playhead right before where the bad footage begins
  3. Click on the “Edit” tab and click on the “Split” button.  This will cut the clip into two pieces.
  4. Select the second half of this clip and position the playhead right after the bad footage.
  5. Click on the “Split” button again.
  6. This middle clip is the footage you want to remove.
  7. Right click the middle clip and select “Remove” from the list.
    (TIP: Keyboard shortcut for cutting/splitting a clip “m”)

Setting In and Out points in Windows Live Moviemaker

Setting in and out points is the first task that will be performed on every clip used in a movie. You need to choose where you want the clip to start (in point) and where it needs to end (out point)

  1. Select a clip and position the playhead where you want the clip to begin.
  2. Click on the “Edit” tab across the top
  3. Click on the “Set start point”.  The clip will now play from where the playhead was positioned.
  4. Position the playhead where you would like the clip to end.
  5. Click on the “Set end point”.  The clip will stop at this point.
    (TIP: Keyboard short cut for setting in point is “i” and out point is “o”)