January 21, 2014

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Quick start guide to using iMovie ios 7

I create a 5 page PDF that contains an explanation of some of the core icons and interfaces inside Apple's new iMovie for ios 7.  They've packed quite a bit in there, but a lot of it is hidden away in the interest of keeping the interface clean.  Once you know what the new icons mean and where they are you will unlock the potential of the features!

iMovie ios 7 quckstart guide - PDF download

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January 09, 2014

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1. and 2. iMovie Opening and Interface Overview (ios7 iMovie)

The overall look has changed quite a bit from iMovie on ios 6 to iMovie on ios 7.  This is a quick introduction to some of the new changes.

1. Opening iMovie

2. Interface Overview

January 08, 2014

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3. Adding Titles (ios7 iMovie)

Here is a video that shows you how to add titles in iMovie for ios7.  There are 9 different title styles to choose from which is a big change from iOS 6.


January 07, 2014

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4. Changing the Speed of a Clip (ios7 iMovie)

You can now adjust the speed of an individual video clip.  For older devices running the A5 chip you'll notice you can only slow clips down.  Newer iPhones and iPads will also be able to speed clips up. This tutorial was done on an older iPad 2 so it only shows the ability to slow down a clip.


January 06, 2014

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5. Splitting a clip (ios7 iMovie)

This tutorial shows you how to split a video clip two different ways in iMovie ios 7.


January 05, 2014

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6. Adjusting audio for a clip (ios7 iMovie)

This shows you how to adjust audio for clips in iMovie for ios 7


This video shows you how to use the narration tool, add sound fx and music to your movie

January 04, 2014

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7. Reordering clips on the timeline (ios7 iMovie)

This tutorial shows you how to reorder clips on the timeline.