Workflow - Overview of managing media in a classroom with iPads

iPad Classroom Moviemaking Workflow (Interactive PDF)

(1) Students work in small groups
(2) Each student creates a new project with their first and last name
(3) Students take turns filming during the classroom session

Watch a YouTube tutorial

(4) At the end of the session students save project by “Sending Project to iTunes
VERY IMPORTANT: You need to select “replace” if the same project has already been sent to iTunes.

◦ (4.1) Teacher/Administrator connects iPads with student projects to central computer with iTunes installed.
◦ (4.2) Open iTunes with iPad connected
◦ (4.3) Go to “Apps” section
◦ (4.4) Select iMovie app in shared folder section
◦ (4.5) Select the iMovie project files with student names and save to common folder on computer
This step takes a few minutes per iPad when there are two projects.

(5) Before next session starts teacher/administrator connects blank iPad (does not have to be the same one students originally used) to computer.
Loading 12 iPads with 1-2 projects per iPad takes about 30 min. The same is true after the session.
Watch a YouTube tutorial

(6) Transfer student iMovie projects into iMovie shared folder

◦ (6.1) Open up iMovie on the iPad
◦ (6.2) Tap in the icon with the arrow point straight down
◦ (6.3) Select the student movie you want to copy into the iMovie app
◦ (6.4) The project will automatically open with clips and edit preserved from that time it was opened.

Repeat steps 4-6 until student projects are ready to export

(7) Export final movie by selecting “Share Movie to” Camera Roll
With student projects that span multiple session, the teacher or admin will need to select “Replace” when sending the project to iTunes. This will overwrite the older version with the newest version. If the admin/teacher selects, “Keep Both”, it becomes very confusing later on which version of the student project is the most up to date. The back up copy is kept on a laptop, so there is no danger of losing the work by selecting “Replace”.
(8) Select “Large 540p”
(9) Connect iPads to central computer and open iPhoto
(10) Select student movies and transfer from iPad to computer.

(11) This computer is now ready to be connected to a projector for an in-class screening