Splitting a clip using Windows Live Moviemaker

Cutting footage from a clip is a really helpful task when there unwanted footage in the middle of a good clip.  This involves cutting the clip before and after the bad footage to remove it.  Using the split clip function is another way to set in and out points as well.

  1. Select a clip you want to cut
  2. Position the playhead right before where the bad footage begins
  3. Click on the “Edit” tab and click on the “Split” button.  This will cut the clip into two pieces.
  4. Select the second half of this clip and position the playhead right after the bad footage.
  5. Click on the “Split” button again.
  6. This middle clip is the footage you want to remove.
  7. Right click the middle clip and select “Remove” from the list.
    (TIP: Keyboard shortcut for cutting/splitting a clip “m”)